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Kalau dilihat pada tangkapan layar di bawah, ia nampak seperti aplikasi Facebook yang ‘biasa’, yang ‘normal’, tiada apa-apa pembaharuan pun. Cuma kalau diteliti aplikasi Messenger ada nampak sedikit perubahan – ‘stories’ yang telah ghaib.


Namun sebenarnya bukan ini sahaja perubahan yang ada dalam kedua aplikasi ini (kecuali Facebook yang masih mempunyai Story).

Berikut adalah senarai modifikasi.

* Hide “Suggested Posts” / “Sponsored Posts”
* Hide “Pages You May Like” horizontal scroll crap
* Hide “Related Articles” crap from news feed when interacting with an article (trying too hard to hijack the content interaction flow)
* Hide Pages You May Like*
* Hide “Suggested Products From Your Groups” (seriously guys?)
* Hide “Featured for you” items in groups / pages (I think) (featured by whom? organic selection or paid manipulation?)
* Hide “Invite your friends to join this group” (or whatever that spam-promption crap is called)
* Hide “Groups You Should Join” / “Suggested Groups” (we are all capable of using the search box to find things we care about, thank you very much)
* Hide “People You Should Follow” (really? are they serious?)
* Hide “Video Chaining”
* Hide “Products shown:” cards (please stop giving me ads based on object recognition in my friends’ photos, thx)
* Hide “Follow / Share” bar that appears when you interact with content (I know where to find the share button, since it’s already plastered all over the damn screen, thanks)
* Hide ads in Instant Articles*
* Hide “Related Articles” / “Popular from <X>” in Instant Articles (now they’re just trying too hard)
* Hide “Sign up with your email address” crap from Instant Articles (are you kidding me…?)
* Partially hide some instagram upsells (yes, I know where to get instagram, if I should ever find myself in need of something to motivate me to bash my head in with a rock)
* Partially hide the “More Views” pill that appears 2/3 into watching a video. (I don’t need yet one more piece of UI garbage to hijack my attention flow, thanks)
* Replace passive-aggressive “Now now” response options to user-unfriendly actions with more appropriate (and more snarky) responses
* Kill the update nag screen (I think). (we’ll stick to the patched version, thanks)

Mahap la, abam takde masa nak terjemah.

Apapun dalam satu bahasa mudah, dengan aplikasi Facebook yang telah ‘ditampal’ (patched) ini, anda tidak (ataupun kurang) lagi dapat melihat iklan-iklan yang menyesakkan mata, dan hanya melihat status dari rakan anda sahaja.

Untuk menggunakannya, anda perlu buang/nyahpasang aplikasi Facebook dan Messenger yang dipasang melalui Google Play Store.

Cuma kekurangan ketara yang ada pada aplikasi ini ialah anda tidak akan dapat memasang Facebook Pages Manager dek kerana signature yang konflik (berbeza dengan yang asal).

*Kemas kini: Sekarang dah ada Pages Manager yang di-tandatangani (signed) dengan kekunci yang sama cuma ia tidak diubahsuai seperti aplikasi Facebook.

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