This is a very interesting software that a Windows user should have and use. The software it self is so simple even my self could not think any word to describe it. The only thing I can say is your window explorer tab won’t be the same when you use this software.

If you have use Google Chrome browser before then you will know what i mean by saying Clover Tab will make your windows explorer look like chrome.

By default windows explorer will open multiple folder separately and you will have difficulty in navigating multiple tab but this software solve it all for you.

Instead of opening multiple folder in a different windows, Clover tab will help you to rearrange it by opening it in a tab.

You will see that you multiple folder now not in window but in a tab, side by side, easy to navigate even if you open more than 10 folder at a time.

The best part is this software support old windows version like Window XP until the recent one, and came with multiple language other than English.

Download it from here, it’s free anyway, link below are safe no ads added.

Thank you


p/s: only for windows